Assailing Corporations is a Poor Competitiveness Strategy

May 20, 2013

As globalization and offshoring have ramped up, the left and right have both responded with failed strategies.

The right’s response has been Panglossian, denying the problem. The left’s response has been vituperative, and worse in its consequences. When liberals see U.S. companies sourcing globally, they don’t see trade, they see betrayal. They don’t see the inexorable creation of an integrated global market — they see, in the words of Lou Dobbs, a “War on the Middle Class.”

These observers miss the fact that the United States is in a race for global innovation advantage that requires policies that promote a competitive business climate to attract investment instead of repel it. Notwithstanding the recent surge in energy production, American companies still face sharp competition as other countries become more attractive places to do business.

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