DoD Employees to Get 11 Furlough Days

May 14, 2013

The Defense Department plans to furlough some 680,000 civilian employees for 11 days by the end of September as the result of sequester-related budget cuts.

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel outlined the plan Tuesday in a departmentwide memo, adding that “I deeply regret this decision.”

Furloughs will start the week of July 8 and run one day a week until the end of September, Hagel said in the memo.

The roughly 28,000 employees who work at the Navy’s four shipyards in Maine, Virginia, Washington state and Hawaii will be exempted, as will be foreign nationals, civilians serving in a war zone, and those needed to protect the safety of life or property, Hagel said in the memo.

“Fewer than one fifth of all civilians paid with appropriated funds will be excepted from furloughs,” Hagel said.

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