FEMA Ramps Up Telework, Mobility

May 10, 2013

Mobility is part of the mission at the Federal Emergency Management Agency, and now leaders are taking it to the next level, radically transforming the workplace with a focus on technology.

FEMA is embracing a mobility strategy that emphasizes modern workspaces, telework and hoteling -- an unassigned seating arrangment -- said Tonya Schreiber, the agency's deputy chief administrative officer, speaking at last week’s Telework Town Hall meeting sponsored by Mobile Work Exchange.

“FEMA is about people,” Schreiber said. “We have to have people to help protect people and do what we do best, so instead of paying for space and outdated systems that don’t work, we are investing in our people and empowering them with the right tools and the ability to effectively do their jobs.”

The strategy includes an effort to reduce the number of office buildings FEMA leases from eight to three and to create more open, collaborative workspace at those remaining locations. This effort, which is projected to be completed by 2016, will reduce office space by 182,000 square feet and will save more $9.1 million per year in leasing costs and roughly $530,000 per year in utility costs, she said.

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