Sequester Changes Rules on DoD Contractor Background Reinvestigations

May 7, 2013

Citing sequester and budget challenges, the arm of the Defense Department overseeing security clearances for contractors is cutting how much time people have to request so-called periodic reinvestigations.

Known as PRIs, periodic reinvestigations are updated background checks to ensure people with security clearances are still fit to hold them.

The Defense Security Service says it will now accept PRI requests from industry only 30 days before the anniversary of a person’s clearance investigation anniversary date. Previously, people had 90 days to submit a request.

The decision essentially defers costs of some investigations until next fiscal year. Under the previous 90-day window, a person who needs a PRI by Nov. 1 could submit a request as early as July, meaning DSS would incur the cost this fiscal year for a PRI not due until next fiscal year. Under the new 30-day limitation, that’s no longer possible; the request would not be accepted until Oct. 1 — the beginning of fiscal 2014.

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