Sequester Poses Public Service Challenges

May 5, 2013

More than 35 years ago, as a newly minted law school graduate, I moved from my hometown of New York City to Washington to take a job at the Justice Department. As an idealistic young lawyer, I was thrilled at the prospect of serving my country in the Public Integrity Section of the Criminal Division, where I helped bring accountability to those who abused the public trust. I knew public service offered a unique opportunity to help address national challenges and make a positive difference in the lives of my fellow citizens.

This was my “dream job.” Yet I remember thinking — as I packed up my car — that I would probably stay in Washington for only a couple of years at most.

That was 1976. Today, I’m still proud to call the Justice Department home. Aside from a few years on the bench and a brief stint in private practice, I have spent my entire career at this remarkable institution. Over the decades, I’ve learned from generations of extraordinary lawyers, law enforcement officials and other federal employees. And I’ve found there is no greater honor than representing the interests of the United States, standing on the side of the law and fighting for those it protects and empowers.

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