Keys to Successful Telework May Already Be in Feds' Pockets

May 1, 2013

The success of this year’s Telework Week event – in which more than 112,000 feds participated – is a testament to the progress federal agencies are making not only to make the workplace more flexible for employees but also to continue operations in the event of an emergency.

So what tools and devices are federal employees using for telework? According to a survey of Telework Week participants by Mobile Work Exchange, laptops remain the tool of choice among teleworkers, with more than 90 percent of Telework Week participants saying they use a laptop.

Sixty percent of teleworkers said they used a VPN connection for telework, while nearly 30 percent said they used a smartphone. Other tools, like virtual desktops, collaboration tools, video conferencing, desktop PCs and tablets were less popular among Telework Week participants, though collaboration tools, video conferencing and tablets were more popular among participants this year than in 2012.

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