VHA Has Taken Steps to Address Deficiencies in Its Logistics Program, but Significant Concerns Remain

April 17, 2013

What GAO Found

To address deficiencies in its logistics program, the Veterans Health Administration (VHA) issued new requirements in 2011 regarding the management of medical supplies and equipment in Veterans Affairs medical centers’ (VAMC) inventories, the standardization of these items, and the monitoring of VAMCs’ logistics programs. These requirements, some of which apply to VAMCs and some of which apply to networks, are designed to improve veterans’ safety and the cost-effective use of resources. GAO found that the five VAMCs GAO visited and their corresponding networks have partially complied with VHA’s new requirements. Specifically, as of December 2012,
•none of the VAMCs GAO visited fully complied with all of VHA’s new requirements for managing inventories;
•one VAMC GAO visited and two networks fully complied with VHA’s new standardization requirements, and the remaining four VAMCs and three networks partially complied; and
•four of the five VAMCs GAO visited and three of the five corresponding networks fully complied with the new monitoring requirements.

Because VAMCs GAO visited and the associated networks have only partially complied with these requirements, potential risks to patient safety and the inefficient use of resources remain.

More Information

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