Defense May Reduce Furloughs Again as Navy Pushes to Eliminate Them

April 11, 2013

Navy officials are pushing for zero furlough days, according to a top official, as the Pentagon reportedly considers reducing all Defense furloughs and hasn’t ruled out eliminating them entirely.

Rear Adm. Joe Mulloy, deputy assistant secretary of the Navy for budget, on Wednesday emphasized the importance of the service’s civilian workforce. He noted that 85 percent of the Navy’s civilian workforce and 93 percent of the Marine Corps’ are based outside of Washington, working to support military personnel in all operational areas.

“Hence, our issue on furloughs is to get down to zero or get support and push that way, because we have a dramatic impact on our equipment and our readiness,” Mulloy said during the service’s fiscal 2014 budget rollout.

A Navy official later told Foreign Policy that the service was “pursuing an option to realize $300 million in savings in other areas” because they believe the longer-term costs of unpaid civilian furloughs would be far more expensive.

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