Key Pentagon IT Programs Survived 2013 Budget Cuts Mostly Unscathed

April 4, 2013

Though the Defense Department must absorb an extra $41 billion in funding cuts between now and the end of the fiscal year, key information technology and communications program emerged relatively unscathed from the sequestration process in the 2013 omnibus federal budget signed by President Obama on March 26.

The Defense Information Systems Agency had its $1.3 billion budget request filled, minus a $10 million cut for circuit maintenance. Likewise, the Military Health System saw its $1.5 billion information management operations budget approved.

The Air Force won approval of its $125 million budget request for the Air Force Enterprise Network, which will serve 850,000 users at 129 locations worldwide. The Army supercomputer program procurement budget was fully funded for $129.4 million.

Army tactical communications systems took the biggest hit of all communications programs in the 2013 budget. A total of $536.8 million was chopped from two key projects as a result of delays in contract awards. This includes $346.8 million slashed from the battlefield, long-haul Warrior Information Network-Tactical, Increment 2 program and $190 million from the Joint Tactical Radio System program for manpack radios.

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