6 Ways You Can Develop Your Team Even on a Shoestring Budget

March 28, 2013

In our last article, Five Reasons to Emphasize Career Development during Sequestration, we painted a picture of a federal executive who looked to career development to retain employees to meet the agency mission. Now, imagine you are a supervisor in the same agency. Like your leadership, you recognize the devastating impact of critical vacancies and skill gaps and the importance of implementing career development programs for your employees. But what can you do with your very tight budget?

First, as a supervisor, be intentional about career development and find ways to align your employee’s goals to your organization’s mission to achieve results. Start with individual development plans (IDP) and help your employees map a comprehensive training program to develop specific competencies. Aligning these resources is an important and effective way to link an employee’s career goals and the skills your agency needs. To help get this process started, here are six inexpensive actions you can take to leverage resources and strategically focus on career development.

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