Report: Obama Falling Short on Executive Appointments

February 27, 2013

Nearly 70 federal positions remain unfilled by President Obama, more than the outstanding appointments at the end of Presidents Clinton and George W. Bush’s first terms.

According to a recent study by ProPublica, 43 posts have been vacant for more than a year – not including a rising amount of un-appointed judicial positions.

Acting heads of agencies “don’t make any big decisions,” Cal Mackenzie, a professor of government at Colby College, told the publication. “Your authority is not going to be recognized in the same way a Senate-confirmed appointee is going to be recognized.”

The investigation found that 11 percent of presidential appointed positions were vacant at the end of Clinton’s first term, 10 percent in of Bush’s first term and 13 percent at the conclusion of Obama’s first term. The three-percentage-point increase translates into “dozens” of vacant positions, the article says.


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