Hagel: Good or Bad for Contractors?

February 25, 2013

I’ve taken a very informal survey of executives, as well as others close to the government market, to see what having Chuck Hagel as secretary of defense will mean. So far, there are a lot of concerns, many of them fueled by unknowns. One universal concern is that there will be defense cuts, but what's not exactly clear to people is how Hagel will implement cuts, and what his priorities will be.
For some, a positive aspect is Hagel’s private sector experience. Before being a U.S. senator, he founded a cell phone company. He has also run investment banks and advised hedge funds.
While in the Senate, he served on the foreign relations and intelligence and banking committees; however, he may be best known for his vocal opposition to the Iraq War, when his fellow Republicans were staunch supporters of the effort.
Because he has been controversial, it is hard to separate that, and the politics behind his choice, from his experience and views.

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