Agencies Outline Deep Cuts Under Sequestration

February 19, 2013

If across-the-board budget cuts take effect as scheduled next month, every FBI employee, including special agents, will be furloughed for almost three weeks by the end of September. Ditto for many law enforcement officers at the Department of Homeland Security, where layoffs are also a possibility.

Furloughs for Agriculture Department food safety inspectors will mean temporary shutdowns of meat processing plants. At the Social Security Administration, more than 1,500 temporary workers and re-employed retirees will be shown the door.

The planned cutbacks, outlined by department heads in letters to Congress this month, provide the most detailed look yet at the potential repercussions of sequestration, as the cuts are officially known.

Totaling $85 billion, they are set to begin March 1 and last through the rest of fiscal 2013.

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