Defense and The Intelligence Community Pursue Conflicting Cloud Plans

February 12, 2013

The intelligence community and Pentagon each are developing portable technology services for exchanging information such as cyber threats -- but the arrangements are incompatible right now.

The Defense Department's "joint information environment" and the intelligence arena's "intelligence community information technology environment" share the same goal of decreasing costs and increasing security by shifting work to applications accessible on any device. The two setups, however, are being constructed separately and differently.

"Ideally, DoD and IC will work together to de-conflict opposing perspectives on the path forward,” states a report released Tuesday by the Intelligence and National Security Alliance.

Unlike the intelligence community's architecture, Defense's project is decentralized in that there is no planned acquisition strategy or budget and is funded through military organizations that opt in, according INSA. The paper communicates the perspectives of the intelligence community's chief information officers based on interviews with senior officials.

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