Hunter: DoD Being Overly Dramatic About Cuts

February 12, 2013

A California Republican accuses the Defense Department "adding drama" to looming budget cuts — like not deploying an aircraft carrier — when less drastic options are available.

Rep. Duncan Hunter, an Iraq and Afghanistan veteran who serves on the House Armed Services Committee, says there are "other programs that are worthy of cost cuts or even elimination" that would have less impact on military readiness.

"Decisions of particular concern include not deploying the USS Harry Truman to the Persian Gulf; not refueling the USS Abraham Lincoln, thus making it unavailable in a crisis; the suspension of mission-critical training and equipment maintenance; and withholding the deployment of Marines to strategic regions in the Pacific," Hunter says in a Feb. 12 letter to Deputy Defense Secretary Ashton Carter.

Hunter warns, in particular, that the Defense Department needs to make force readiness a higher priority than programs and initiatives that are experiencing cost overruns or other inefficiencies. 

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