Air Force Makes Cuts to Help Mitigate Sequestration Threat

January 15, 2013

Air Force leadership sent a directive to the service's major commands on Jan. 14 to enact funding cuts in advance of sequestration.

The guidance directs the commands to freeze civilian hiring, cancel nonessential travel and reduce base repair expenditures, said Jamie Morin, acting undersecretary of the Air Force, during a Jan. 15 speech at the Air Force Association in Arlington, Va.

"The actions we've taken so far only take small steps toward sequestration." The impact of sequestration would be much more serious, he said.

Sequestration would necessitate across-the-board cuts of about 10 percent to the service’s budget. "We had a two month delay of sequestration for which we're grateful, but that changed what was 12 months of sequestration ... into 10 months of sequestration,” Morin said. "Our time to react is getting smaller."

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