Don’t Throw Feds Over ‘Cliff'

December 9, 2012

With all eyes on Washington over how to avert the looming fiscal cliff before the end of the year, critics of the public sector have been arguing that pay and benefits for federal employees ought to be among the first and deepest cuts. Like a broken record, those who continually disparage the important role played by our public employees again and again ask those employees to contribute to deficit reduction without asking the same of other groups.

Already, federal employees and retirees have contributed $15 billion in savings over 10 years through an increased pension contribution. A two-year pay freeze that has been in effect since 2011 will produce an additional $60 billion in savings. And the reduction and delay of a 2013 pay increase included in the current continuing resolution will yield a further $28 billion. That’s $103 billion in cuts to one group of middle-class workers.

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