OPM to Clarify Language on Federal Closures

November 13, 2012

The government will clarify its language on federal office closures to prevent confusion among employees, according to a report from Federal News Radio.

The Office of Personnel Management, which decides the operating status of the government during inclement weather and other emergencies, will attempt to be more straightforward about what’s expected of federal employees when agencies close. The new line will be “Federal offices are closed. Federal employees required to work should follow their agency’s policies,” according to Federal News Radio.

Washington-area agencies were closed Oct. 29 and Oct. 30 when megastorm Sandy walloped the East Coast. Although the Washington area was not hit as hard as was expected, OPM decided late on Oct. 28 to close federal offices. But apparently there was some confusion over the wording the agency used to inform employees of their work status. This is the text of the closure announcement OPM posted regarding Sandy and the Washington-area for the affected days:

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