Lockheed Wins $889.5 million Deal for 13 C-130J Planes

October 23, 2012

Lockheed Martin Corp has won a contract worth $889.5 million to build 13 more C-130J transport planes for the U.S. military, the Pentagon announced on Tuesday. 

The U.S. Defense Department said the agreement modified an existing contract and includes seven MC-130J planes for Air Force Special Operations Command, four HC-130J planes for Air Combat Command, one KC-130J for the Marine Corps and one C-130J for Air Mobility Command.


Lockheed's C-130J transport planes are used to refuel other aircraft, transport special operations forces and other troops, deliver supplies, rescue downed military personnel, and rapidly refuel ground military vehicles.

All the aircraft will be built at Lockheed's Marietta, Georgia plant, and the modified contract runs through July 31, 2015.

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