3,000 Contractors Suspended or Debarred Last Year

September 19, 2012

Federal agencies suspended or debarred more than 3,000 irresponsible contractors last year, a 47 percent increase from the previous year, a new federal report shows.

Agencies suspended and debarred 3,326 contractors in 2011. That is up 70 percent from the 1,918 contractors suspended and debarred in 2009, the first year the committee was required to report on these actions, and its up from 2,263 in 2010, according to the latest annual report by the Interagency Suspension and Debarment Committee, a large group of procurement experts across government that discusses best practices, trends, and challenges to the suspension and debarment process. The report was released Tuesday.

“While the vast majority of government contractors compete fairly to deliver the best value to the American people, it is critical that the government take a hard line against those who would defraud taxpayers,” Joseph Jordan, administrator of federal procurement policy at the Office of Management and Budget, said in announcing the findings in a blog post Tuesday afternoon.

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