DoD Has Active Referral Processes, but Action Needed to Promote Transparency

September 19, 2012

What GAO Found 

The four Department of Defense (DOD) components GAO examined have active processes for referring identified cases of contractor misconduct for appropriate action, including suspension or debarment. The components identify numerous cases of actual or alleged contractor misconduct each year from various internal and external sources. The figure below shows the process for identifying and referring cases to the suspension and debarment official for consideration.

DOD received hundreds of leads on contractor misconduct from sources such as lawsuits against contractors or contractor disclosures in fiscal years 2009 through 2011, although it is not possible to know the full extent of potential leads. Some cases are referred to suspension and debarment officials for their consideration or to other agencies for further action. GAO’s analysis of selected cases shows that DOD follows its procedures for identifying and referring cases involving contractor misconduct or poor performance for possible suspension and debarment.

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