Nine Tech Tips for Starting a New Government Job

September 10, 2012

The learning curve at a new government job is high. From the acronyms to the bureaucracy, a new employee has his or her work cut out. And unless you're a luddite (no offense to any luddites out there...), a big part of that learning will involve a host of IT systems and processes.

Last week, I wrote a story about seven fundamental tips to help you start off on the right foot in a government job. Today, I’m continuing that idea but turning an eye toward technology. When you start at your department or agency, you’ll be awash in new IT systems. Some will be familiar, others…well others might make you mad.

Been using Gmail the last couple years? Time to grow up and start hating Outlook like the rest of us. Have your files neatly organized on your home computer? Just wait until you see your office’s share drive. Think sending email is simple? Just wait until you draw the ire of a higher up because you either did…or did not…CC them on an email. New employee, a magical world awaits!

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