FCC Set to Take Up Incentive Auction, Spectrum Holding Proposals

September 7, 2012

The Federal Communications Commission on Friday is expected to release the tentative agenda for its September meeting, which will include two key wireless-industry items. One deals with how much spectrum wireless carriers can hold in each market, and the other proposes rules for enticing broadcasters to give up their spectrum for auction to wireless companies.

Among the most highly anticipated items on the agenda for the FCC's Sept. 28 meeting will be the agency's proposed rulemaking on how to structure the "incentive auctions" authorized by Congress as part of a payroll tax cut package passed in February. The proposal is aimed at freeing up more spectrum to meet the nation's growing demand for wireless broadband. Wireless carriers argue that they are running out of spectrum needed to fuel the plethora of wireless gadgets Americans are using, from smartphones to tablets.

The FCC is aiming to finalize the order by mid-2013 and hold its first auctions in 2014.

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