Military Contractors to Testify on Potential Defense Cuts

July 17, 2012

House Republicans will call on the leaders of major military contracting firms Wednesday to detail how they plan to deal with the roughly $500 billion in defense spending cuts set to take effect over the next decade. The hearing before the House Armed Services Committee is part of an effort to paint President Obama as the person responsible for the potential reductions.

McCain stepped up to defend Clinton aide Huma Abedin from Rep. Bachmann's accusations, but he shouldn't have to stand alone.

Top executives with EADS North America, Lockheed Martin, Pratt and Whitney, and Williams-Pyro are scheduled to appear before the committee a day after a report commissioned by the aerospace industry warned that cuts in defense spending could cost more than 2 million jobs and raise the national unemployment rate by 1.5 percentage points over the next year. 

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