Timing of Defense Cuts Worries Governors

July 15, 2012

Health-care reform. Same-sex marriage. Illegal immigration. The social safety net.

When it comes to some of the top issues facing the states, it might seem that the partisan divide among the country's governors is as wide as it has ever been.

But one area in which the state executives appear to have found common ground is on the issue of defense cuts — specifically, the $500 billion in automatic cuts set into motion by last August's bipartisan debt-reduction deal.

Delaware Gov. Jack Markell, D, incoming chairman of the National Governors Association, said the chief executives probably won't reach a consensus on how Congress and the White House should avoid those cuts. But he said a bipartisan agreement is in the works when it comes to delaying the issuing of layoff notices to workers who may be hit by the cuts. 

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