OMB Chief Warns of Job Cuts, Park Closures if Budgets Cut Jan. 2

July 10, 2012

The FBI and Border Patrol would face job cuts and hundreds of national parks would close or reduce operations if across-the-board budget reductions take effect early next year, Jeff Zients, acting head of the Office of Management and Budget, warned Tuesday. The Federal Aviation Administration also would face "significant cuts in operations," he said, and food safety and workplace safety inspections would be slashed.

The automatic budget reductions, known as sequestration, would chop overall domestic spending by about 8 percent, Zients wrote in an article posted on's website. But because the cuts would take effect Jan. 2, or three months into fiscal 2013, "the actual percentage cut to the remaining funds could easily reach double digits," he said.

Defense spending would be hit by a comparable amount; Zients, however, did not discuss the potential impact of sequestration on the Pentagon. 

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