House Aims to Reverse Defense Cuts

May 3, 2012

Nine months ago, the House Armed Services Committee chairman was faced with a difficult decision: Vote for an imperfect bill that carries potential risks to the Defense Department or let the U.S. default on its debts for the first time in history, possibly sending global markets into a downward spiral.

Rep. Buck McKeon, R-Calif., chose what many viewed as the better of two bad options. He voted for the Budget Control Act, which raised America's borrowing limit on condition that $2.1 trillion is cut from the nation's deficit. To generate half of those savings, the law placed caps on discretionary spending over the next decade, including $487 billion from the Pentagon over the 10-year period.

Now, McKeon's concern has morphed into outright opposition as he leads his committee in its markup of the 2013 defense authorization bill. 

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