4 Moves to Improve Your Win Rate

April 27, 2012

Whether you're an optimist and call what we're experiencing a slowdown, or a realist and term this a downturn, the government contracting industry is suffering through a precarious situation. As a company, we've weathered a range of revenue cycles during our decades working in the government contracting industry. But this time the experience is quite different. The real question to discern is whether we're living through a cyclical, disruptive occurrence or a long-term trend that will redefine the industry, particularly in the defense arena.

One thing is certain ... you can no longer rely on simply writing a good proposal to win business. This environment has validated the old quote, "If you don't know by bid day if you've won the business ... someone else has."

Proactive vs. reactive BD processes
To elevate your probability of winning, you have to be proactive and engage prospects early in their buying or acquisition cycle when they are involved with solution or concept development. Doing so allows you to consultatively engage with them to fully understand their needs and wants. You can then assist them in identifying the right solution. You're in the position to "shape" their needs, wants and ultimately the RFP requirements. Remaining reactive, merely responding to RFPs, positions you at a major disadvantage.Source: Washington Technology (http://s.tt/1acf6) 

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