Agencies Handed Do Not Pay Deadlines

April 12, 2012

The Obama administration on Thursday took another step in its campaign to curb improper payments by assigning agencies a schedule for adopting its Do Not Pay List of entities whose claims on federal monies may lack merit.

Acting budget director Jeffrey Zients, in a memorandum to all federal agency and department heads, gave chief financial officers until June 30 to submit drafts on their plan to adopt the online tool, a "single point of entry" through which they would access relevant information in a network of databases before determining eligibility for a benefit, grant or contract award.

"As families across the country pay their taxes this week, we are committed to continuing an aggressive campaign to stop misdirected and erroneous payments that represent an unacceptable waste of these tax dollars," Zients said. "With advances in technology and data analytics, we are at a real turning point in this fight, and the Do Not Pay tool will allow us to stop more of these payments before they occur." 

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