Challenges Remain in Switch to Govermentwide ID Security System

March 28, 2012

Federal agencies still are struggling to implement a governmentwide strategy for securing employee login credentials and smart card IDs, General Services Administration representatives said Wednesday.

Under a February 2011 directive from the Office of Management and Budget, all executive branches were supposed to have aligned themselves with Federal Identity, Credential and Access Management by last October. FICAM standards are based on a President George W. Bush-era Homeland Security Presidential Directive for streamlined and more secure verification procedures within the federal government.

In fact, little progress has been made.

Deborah Gallagher, director of GSA's identity assurance and trusted access division, noted Wednesday at a conference at the International Spy Museum in Washington that federal security has become so fragmented that some agencies are "almost issuing their own cards just for access to the cafeteria." 

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