US Federal Contractor Registration: CCR Backlog Serves as Reminder for Vendors to Register Early

March 16, 2012

The Central Contractor Registration website has recently posted a notice informing registrants of a delay in processing due to a backlog in the DoD CAGE code validation. While processing can normally take anywhere from 5-7 business days, the backlog is adding up to an extra week to the processing time.

US Federal Contractor Registration is recommending vendors who need to register or renew their registration do so as early as possible to mitigate any possible delays. Those who wait until a contract is about to be awarded or a payment is due may face unnecessary frustration and even monetary losses due to the extended processing time. Errors or mistakes while completing CCR registration can further delay processing and CAGE assignment. Failure to maintain CCR registration can result in missed contract opportunities and inability to receive federal payments.

In order to qualify for federal contracts, businesses must complete the required registration. The minimum registration requirements include obtaining a D&B DUNS number, registering with CCR, and completing the ORCA filing. Vendors may also be required to complete additional registration steps for individual agencies, such as submitting a FEMA Vendor Profile for FEMA contracts. 

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