TSA Saves Money Through Risk-based Passenger Screening

March 5, 2012

The Transportation Security Administration's move from a one-size-fits-all to a risk-based model in airline passenger screening in recent years is saving the agency money, TSA Administrator John Pistole said Monday.

Reviewing the past year's accomplishments in a speech at the National Press Club, Pistole noted that TSA's recent fiscal 2013 budget request represents a nearly $200 million decrease over the previous year's. He also sought to assuage public concerns about inconvenience and infringements on privacy by promising an expansion of the trademarked TSA Precheck program, and other trusted traveler programs, that allow select passengers to preregister to reduce wait times at airport security checkpoints.

"Less than one month ago . . . over Presidents Day weekend in February, our officers detected 19 guns in carry-on bags at various checkpoints around the country," he said. "In total, 1,306 guns were detected at airport checkpoints in 2011," an average of three or four daily. 

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