Pentagon Acquisitions Board Meets to Discuss F-35

February 21, 2012

The Pentagon's Defense Acquisitions Board (DAB) met Feb. 21 to discuss the tri-service F-35 Joint Strike Fighter program, a defense official confirmed.

The meeting, which began about 3:30 p.m., was chaired by acting Pentagon procurement chief Frank Kendall. The DAB will almost certainly recertify the program after its 2010 Nunn-McCurdy breach and make a Milestone B decision, which would continue the program, the official said. A Nunn-McCurdy breach occurs when the unit cost goes above a certain threshold.

The meeting has been delayed for about a year while JSF program manager Vice Adm. David Venlet undertook strenuous reviews to set right the enormous $382 billion effort. He was also tasked with coming up with a viable plan to get the jets developed, built and tested with a minimum of cost increases. 

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