Watchdog Outlines $1.2 Billion in IT Overlap Within Defense, Energy

February 17, 2012

An inventory of about 20 percent of all information technology investments at the Defense, Energy and Homeland Security departments turned up 37 potentially duplicative efforts that cost the government about $1.2 billion over the past five years, according to a watchdog report released Friday.

Of those potentially duplicative investments, 31 were within Defense and six were within Energy. The Homeland Security Department did not have any internally redundant investments; the Government Accountability Office did not examine possible duplication across agencies.

"DoD and DoE officials offered a variety of reasons for the potential duplication, such as decentralized governance and a lack of control over certain facilities," GAO said. "Further complicating agencies' ability to identify and eliminate duplicative investments is that investments are, in certain cases, misclassified by function. Until agencies correctly categorize their investments, they cannot be confident that their investments are not duplicative." 

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