GSA Creating Cloud Marketplace for Federal Services

February 16, 2012

By the end of the year, agencies likely will have an online marketplace to buy cloud computing services.

Dave McClure, the General Services Administration's associate administrator in the Office of Citizen Services and Innovative Technologies, said the online store will give agencies an avenue to offer, for a fee, excess storage, virtualization and other software-as-a-services to others.

"We want to create a robust environment so that the government is maximizing the use of its computing environment, which is not occurring and which has not occurred historically," McClure said after a speech Thursday at the Cloud/Gov 2012 event sponsored by the Software and Information Industry Association in Washington. "We are talking to government entities that we think are natural candidates to be in that provisioning space. The second step we have to do is to address the policy, security and all those other things that from a government-to-government interaction, that we have a process in place that is quick, efficient and used the same across government." 

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