DISA Pushes Efficiency, Security Virtues of DoD Private Cloud

January 18, 2012

With the Defense budget on its way down, the Defense Information Systems Agency is making the case that the enterprise information technology services it's trying to provide aren't just more cost-effective, they're also more secure.

That proved true just this past week, DISA officials said, when the enterprise email system it built for the Army allowed them to put the kibosh on an email-delivered malware attack that had begun to make its way into the DoD private cloud email service. It could have spread elsewhere in military networks if DISA hadn't found and quickly squashed.

"Where we used to be is that we had all these individual email servers with a little piece of the picture. Each network sensor had a little piece of the picture," Mark Orndorff, DISA's top IT security official, said in an interview. "Now, the thread we're able to pull is that we can see the pattern of those attempts. We can pull together a picture of the entire attack technique. Those attacks would have been essentially undetected if you just had little pieces of that picture scattered around the DoD cyber workforce." 

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