OMB Tasks 11 Agencies with Documenting Duplication

January 17, 2012

Fresh off President Obama's announcement of a bid to streamline the business and trade agencies, the Office of Management and Budget on Friday directed 11 agencies to participate in a pilot program to inventory trade, export and competititiveness functions with the goal of weeding out duplication.

In a Jan. 13 memorandum, Chief Performance Officer Jeffrey Zients asked the chief operating officers of 11 agencies to appoint a "senior accountable official" by Feb. 1 to coordinate efforts to centralize information on possibly duplicative functions. 

"Duplicative programs make government less effective, waste taxpayer dollars and make it harder for the American people to navigate government services," Zients wrote. "Critical information on the government's programs has not been centralized in one place, making it difficult to access information on programs working to achieve similar objectives." 

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