Aligning Acquisition Strategies With the Times

January 17, 2012

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The need to do more with less dictates crucial changes in national security procurement.

Top U.S. military officials are warning that the current fiscal crisis is the single biggest threat to the country's national security. And, the most critical concern facing the United States is ensuring that it has the resources necessary to maintain its security globally—and that it is prepared for the challenges ahead.

In fiscal years to come, the U.S. Defense Department must make major changes to the way it deals with the competing forces of decreased financial resources and continually morphing security challenges.

The changing nature of security threats to the United States requires significant rethinking of how agencies procure everything from major weapons systems, to tactical communications systems, and even to the batteries needed to power gear developed from next-generation technologies, according to Dr. Jacques S. Gansler. He is the director of the University of Maryland's School of Public Affairs, where he holds the Roger C. Lipitz chair in the university's Center for Public Policy and Private Enterprise. He is also a former undersecretary of defense for Acquisition, Technology and Logistics. 

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