Most Apps are Built by Government, Not the Public

January 10, 2012

Information from the government's massive data set repository,, went into about 1,100 new applications and mashups developed by the public and government during the 16 months preceding September 2011, according to a recent report.

That's a substantial increase of the tool's use in previous years.

The majority of new applications included in those figures, however, was produced by government workers or contractors, not members of the public, General Services Administration spokesman Robert Lesino told Nextgov on Monday. Those government-built applications include "widgets, gadgets, RSS feeds and mobile applications," he said, and most can be accessed through federal websites.

There are likely many more public-built apps using information than are included in the 1,100 figure, Lesino said. But, at this point, there's no process for government officials to determine if and when private sector and nonprofit developers actually are using data sets the government pushes out through or other sites 

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