Federal Managers Support Program Cuts, Fewer Contractors

November 7, 2011

More than half of federal managers believe the super committee should cut programs to save money and reduce the number of government contractors, according to a new survey from Government Executive Media Group.

Eighty-four percent of respondents supported shrinking the contractor workforce to save money and more than half identified duplicative processes and waste in their agencies that could be eliminated to improve efficiency. While federal managers are in favor of scaling back costs, they are worried about impending budget cuts and do not want their pay and benefits targeted to help reduce the deficit.

"Paying more into their pensions, reducing the salary used to calculate annuities, further freezing pay and raising health care premiums are unacceptable to the majority of managers," said the report accompanying the survey. Still, 45 percent reported they would support higher employee contributions to pensions, while 37 percent were in favor of an additional pay freeze. Thirty-four percent endorsed paying higher health care premiums. 

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