OMB Wants ‘Single Door' for Vendors at Each Agency

November 7, 2011

Four agencies are running pilot programs to change the way they manage contractors.

The Veterans Affairs, Interior and Education Departments along with the Patent and Trademark Office have set up vendor-management organizations creating a "single door" to doing business with the agency.

"We have an infinite number of front doors," said Federal Chief Information Officer Steven VanRoekel Friday during a meeting of the President's Management Advisory Council in Washington. "There are multiple things we can do. One is we look, at least at the agency level, having a single door is a good thing with incentives around small business and other things that I think are smart for the country. I think if we just solved it at the agency level and start to get a single VMO for each agency, or at least major agency components, I think that would greatly reduce the complexity of interacting and [would] streamline and produce a buying phenomenon that we don't see today." 

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