OMB Employees Split Over Labor Representation

November 1, 2011

Professional employees at the Office of Management and Budget voted against forming a union Tuesday, while a smaller group of workers opted for representation, according to final results from the Federal Labor Relations Authority.

Those workers in the "professional" job category voted 101-59 against joining the American Federation of Government Employees. Staff in the "nonprofessional" category voted 11-1 to create a bargaining unit affiliated with the union. Of the agency's 389 professional and nonprofessional staff, the Federal Labor Relations Authority determined that 243 employees were eligible to vote on union representation. Eligible professional staff included program examiners, policy analysts and employees in the budget review division, while eligible nonprofessional staff included administrative and support personnel.

Professional employees also voted 97-63 against forming a combined bargaining unit with nonprofessional personnel which led to the separate overall vote. 

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