New U.S. Army Memo Details ‘Devastating’ Effects of Cuts

February 5, 2013

Documents released by the U.S. Army this week begin to spell out, in often gruesome detail, the $18 billion in fiscal year 2013 cuts that the service would have to endure if sequestration hits on March 1, and Congress funds the Pentagon with a continuing resolution (CR) for the remainder of 2013.

As Chief of Staff Gen. Ray Odierno warned during a Jan. 24 speech, the Army’s Operations & Maintenance accounts would take the brunt of the staggering $18 billion hit. Now, a “Talking Points for Operating Under Fiscal Uncertainty” memo that the service put together for members of Congress adds some detail to the Chief’s statement.

The continuing resolution by itself would lead to $6 billion “less than [is] required for supporting combat operations, sustaining unit readiness and transitioning from combat operations in FY14,” the memo said.

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