Companies, Cities Prepare for Coming Defense Cuts

January 31, 2013

Bridget Lauderdale remembers the broad green sea — in the parking lot.

The Lockheed Martin executive was two years out of her internship when then-Defense Secretary Dick Cheney killed the A-12 bomber. On Jan. 7, 1991, a unit of General Dynamics (the division is now part of Lockheed) responded by firing 4,000 workers here in a one-day swoop.

“I’ll never forget,” says Lauderdale, now general manager of aeronautical operations at Lockheed’s 14,200-worker location here, including the factory making F-35 fighter planes. “They brought in crates of boxes, people put boxes on their chairs and rolled the boxes out to the car. You saw a sea of green, because the chairs were tan, with green seats.”

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