What’s Needed for More Effective IT, Transparency

November 26, 2012

There now is a unique convergence between current challenges, the need for government leaders to act in a fundamentally different way, a generational shift in executive ranks, a changing workforce and workplace, and powerful new collaborative technologies. Any one of these would be a major driver for changes in our government, but their convergence creates a perfect management storm and an opportunity for the next president, partnering with the new Congress, to dramatically reshape the bureaucracy to forge a 21st-century government.

To do so, the National Academy of Public Administration and the American Society for Public Administration have made the following recommendations to the recently re-elected president and the 113th Congress:

An enhanced digital government agenda: We need a statement of principles and an action plan for implementing digital government that go beyond the Digital Strategy, released this year. Such a plan should state that the primary manner in which client services could be improved is through single points of access to multiple sources of service — a coherent enterprise vision of client services, electronic delivery of services, one-stop shops and agency-to-agency cooperation. It should outline a coherent whole-of-enterprise vision of client services, call for electronic delivery of services and public kiosks, and emphasize one-stop shops and agency-to-agency cooperation.

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