Report Confirms Feds Would Feel the Effects of Sequestration

September 14, 2012

Using language protesting Republican budget tactics, the Office of Management and Budget on Friday released a congressionally mandated report detailing the impact of across-the-board budget cuts looming in January 2013 and provided a set of numbers that would affect nearly every agency and most of the federal workforce.

The 400-page report on sequestration provides what senior administration officials call highly preliminary estimates of the potential effects cuts would have on more than 1,200 budget accounts and “makes clear that sequestration would have a devastating impact on important defense and nondefense programs.”

A senior Obama administration official could not estimate how many job losses or agency furloughs would occur if governmentwide spending cuts are triggered, but said federal employees would feel the effects of sequestration: “Clearly, if a sequester would occur, this would have a significant impact on the federal workforce.”

President Obama has said he will exempt military personnel from the effects of sequestration. Veterans benefits also are protected.

Released a week later than required under the 2012 Sequester Transparency Act that President Obama signed in August, the report lays out percentages and dollar figures on cuts that would kick in on Jan. 2, 2013, under the 2011 Budget Control Act unless Congress lets agencies off the hook by agreeing to a new budget deal.

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