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It's a Termination! What Now? Access Restricted
A termination is an extraordinary event and immediately declares a contract physically complete. Professional contract managers will be prepared for such eventualities and will have a plan to attack the issues and resolve the many lingering situations.
By: Tom Reid

Negotiating Fixed-Price Incentive (Firm Target) Contracts: The Next Wave in Government Contracting Access Restricted
The U.S. government now encourages the use of FPIF contracts, and contract managers must be fully aware of the intricacies associated with the FPIF type contract, as well as the administrative oversight required to effectively manage them.
By: Kenneth R. Segel

FAR Councils Release Rewrite of OCI Rules Access Restricted
A new proposed rule makes significant changes, both structurally and substantively, to the current FAR regime for addressing OCIs.
By: Kara M. Sacilotto and Daniel P. Graham

Don't be Caught Short in Meeting Evolving Security Requirements Access Restricted
An examination of the legal and regulatory frameworks driving new security requirements for unclassified systems, how these requirements are being implemented by federal clients, and how to successfully meet these provisions.
By: Robert H. Post

Making Mid-Course Corrections to Improve Project Management Access Restricted
Few project managers are fortunate enough to have their project remain on schedule and on budget from beginning to end. Should deviations occur, project managers must take the proper corrective action in mid-project to bring everything back on schedule and on budget.
By: John K. Borchardt

How an IGCE Can Help You Assess Cost/Price Reasonableness During Source Selection Access Restricted
To improve the odds of a successful source selection, an accurate assessment of cost/price reasonableness and realism is essential. This article will explain the usefulness of the IGCE as a tool to aid the assessment.
By: Michael Ipsaro

Professional Development Access Restricted
Burned Out? You Might Just Need a "Reboot" Break.
By: Catherine A. Allen

Legal Forum Access Restricted
Refusing to Provide Assurance of Performance Can be the Same as Failing to Perform.
By: Jack Horan and Kevin Barnett

Speaking Out Access Restricted
DOD Moves to Implement Will-Cost and Should-Cost Management.
By: Gregory A. Garrett and Frank J. Beatty

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