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Everything You Need to Know About Transparency--and have been too Afraid to Ask Access Restricted
An explanation of the new subcontract award, executive compensation, and responsibility reporting requirements, as well as an explanation of the possible ramifications of making this information publicly available.
By: Thomas A. Marcinko

False Claims Act Whistleblowers in the Year 2011: Perils, Pitfalls, and Profits Access Restricted
In order to identify risks early, contracting professionals must understand what false claims are, what the qui tam provisions mean, how liability has been recently expanded, and signals to initiate an internal investigation.
By: Claire M. Schenk and Scott F. Lane

Incurred Cost Audits Access Restricted
An examination of incurred cost audits and best practices for compliance.
By: Marie Salamone and Mitchell Plank

A Strategic Planning Analysis of Recovery Act Procurement Access Restricted
Contractor reporting mandated by the Recovery Act has expanded the accountability and transparency culture of federal procurement, with mixed results. A corporate-style strategic planning review is provided to clarify the extension of such requirements to a larger set of contractors through the Transparency Act.
By: Christopher Robey

Up in the Air Access Restricted
An examination of the newly invigorated Fly America Act, its exemptions, and best practices for compliance.
By: Glenn Sweatt and Stephanie Tran

Transforming from Transactional Procurement to Strategic Acquisitions Access Restricted
How the IRS Procurement Office has been able to take great strides in improving business outcomes and customer and contractor relationships by focusing on strategic initiatives.
By: Suresh Shreni

The Small Business Jobs Act of 2010 Access Restricted
How good is it? What progress has been made so far? Where do we need to go from here to achieve its objectives?
By: John Dobriansky

Professional Development Access Restricted
Why do we find it hard to delegate?
By: Marty Stanley

Legal Forum Access Restricted
When a claim pays for itself--the allowability of costs incurred in preparing and negotiating proposals for increased costs.
By: Jack Horan and Kevin T. Barnett

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