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Inside the September 2010 issue, Volume 50...

Contracts and the Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill Access Restricted
The massive well blowout in the Gulf of Mexico has resulted in extensive efforts to prevent further environmental damage and repair the damage already done. All these efforts have resulted in hundreds of contracts being written.
By: John K. Borchardt

Ethics and Compliance in the Corporate Jungle: Attacking Social Influence, Conformity, and Groupthink as Root Causes Access Restricted
How to best prepare employees to break free of the herd to comply and adhere to acceptable norms for ethical behavior while deviating from unethical norms and taking individual responsibility.
By: Amanda Barnett-Rhodes

Resolving Disputes on Public Contracts Access Restricted
Like the common cold, claims will probably always be with us. But the preventative and curative methods mentioned in this article may well help to avoid or quickly resolve them.
By: James F. Nagle

The 10 Worst Leadership Mistakes Access Restricted
This list will show leaders how they can identify opportunities to improve their organizations and help them avoid fundamental business mistakes which could cost businesses huge lost profits.
By: Rick Anzelone, Jay McCulloch

Government Contract Cost Accounting, Part 3: Software for Government Contract Cost Accounting Access Restricted
Each contractor should ensure that their accounting processes and systems meet the unique set of requirements posed by their industry, business model, and the terms and conditions in their contracts.
By: John G. Williams, Gregory A. Garrett

The Contracts Risk Management Framework, Part 2 of 2: Translating Risk Management into Contract Management Using the Example of the United Kingdom Access Restricted
The U.S. and UK government contract management frameworks are very different and have different histories. Notwithstanding these differences, the U.S. acquisition community can and should study the benefits of the UK’s contracts risk management resources and thought leadership, as well as those of the EU.
By: Eric Esperne

Contract Management in the War Zone--Mission-Focused and Succeeding Access Restricted
There's a new and dynamic team on today's battlefield--the warfighter, the civil servant, and the contractor.
By: Daniel M. Jacobs

Professional Development Access Restricted
Avoiding the Top Five Bad E-Mail Habits
By: Jean Kelley

Legal Forum Access Restricted
Limitation of Government Liability for Delay and Disruption
By: Jack Horan

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