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Inside the August 2010 issue, Volume 50...

Empowering the Chief Acquisition Officer Access Restricted
Chief Acquisition Officers (CAOs) need more than just a "seat at the table," they need an equal voice with regards to menu selections and choices.
By: Ronald Falcone

Analyzing the 2011 Federal Budget: Learning to Compete in a Zero-Sum Game Access Restricted
With cuts in many areas of the federal budget and shifting priorities in others, contractors may have to rethink--and readjust--their business strategies accordingly.
By: Ray Bjorklund

Implementation and Compliance Best Practices Access Restricted
Contract rollouts within the procurement discipline have evolved to include pre-implementation, implementation, and compliance. This article reviews best practices in each of these three areas, which will enable a company to plan for a smooth implementation and push compliance.
By: Katie Virtue

Government Contract Cost Accounting, Part II: Cost Accounting Principles Access Restricted
A description of the basic precepts of cost allowability, allocability, and reasonableness in the context of cost-reimbursable contracting, as well as the tenets of indirect cost rates for bidding and billing purposes.
By: Gregory A. Garrett and Frank J. Beatty

Contract Management in the War Zone--Mission-Focused and Succeeding Access Restricted
There's a new and dynamic team on today's battlefield--the warfighter, the civil servant, and the contractor.
By: Daniel M. Jacobs

The Contracts Risk Management Framework, Part 1 of 2: Translating Risk Management into Contract Management Access Restricted
A building process for implementing a contracts risk management framework in government and industry.
By: Eric Esperne

Tactical and Strategic Contract Management Access Restricted
Tactically, you manage the contract. Strategically, you manage the customer/supplier relationship. Professionally, you manage yourself to balance the tactical and strategic aspects of contract management.
By: Tom Reid

Professional Development Access Restricted
Take your business networking to a new level.
By: Jean Kelley

Speaking Out Access Restricted
Mixing things up.
By: Lisa A. Miller

Legal Forum Access Restricted
Managing reports of deficient performance.
By: Jack Horan

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